Starting as a new vs seasoned Dentist.

Your approach to starting a new practice can differ greatly on your experience as a dentist as well as what you hope to achieve as a practice owner.

1. Starting a practice as a new dentist. 

As a young dentist starting a practice one of the most important things we suggest would be looking into the geographic area where my practice would be located. Then reach out to existing general or specialty dental practices in the area that may have some space and time to rent.

This scenario will greatly reduce your overhead costs with an instant office until the time comes for you to build your own office. It may also allow you to “rent” some team members that are looking for additional income. Plus, you may not need to seek out a bank for a loan which could prove challenging as you are just starting up.

Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to other dentists, after all they may want to reduce their overhead and be welcoming of the idea. In addition they may appreciate your initiative and who knows, you could find a future partner!

2. Starting a practice as a seasoned dentist. 

As a seasoned dentist with a good patient following and some predictable production/income, you could easily get loans and build the practice of your dreams. From there, follow the same steps as a new dentist by reaching out to local doctors and building relationships and new patient flow from there to continually grow on your existing customer base.

No matter what you decide, if you need to hire staff or look to purchase a practice, The Job Board Network is alway a great option for solving these challenges.